Wall 2 wall

At long last, an update on the bathroom project.

I think the last time we checked in, we had just installed the new underlayment. After that, for many weeks, we worked on the walls. I had no idea you could do that much work on walls. We:

Put in new drywall (blue board, in this case). This involved

  • quite a bit of jigsawing (measure once, cut twice)
  • tons of tiny particulate matter settling on every surface of the house, repeatedly
  • nailing and screwing
  • seam taping
  • joint mudding, smoothing, sanding, also repeatedly



We then primed the walls with something that smelled approximately like horse pee and reeked the house out for hours.


Next, the extremely exciting adventure of using the industrial compressor gizmo to spray texture on the walls (mostly in an attempt to hide my very bad drywall taping and mudding job). This machine was:

  • huge
  • heavy
  • deafeningly loud (esp. in small bathroom)
  • sprayed texture frickin’ EVERYWHERE (my job was to scrape/sponge it off of every place it wasn’t supposed to go, including the closet door in Carol’s office, like eight feet away)
  • burped the liquid texture five feet into the air when turned off
Carol preps the texturizing machine

Carol preps the texturizing machine

Carol spraying texture on the walls

Carol spraying texture on the walls

Texture Warrior

Texture Warrior

At this point, we were forced to take a break from the project and go on a cruise for ten days. When we got back, we painted. Three times. With three different colors. Then we really started cooking: last weekend Carol installed the new light fixture, we put in the new medicine cabinet, and Carol got one of the recessed cubbies installed:



Et voila.

Next installment (so to speak): At Long Last, Floor.


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